Privacy Policy

When using this website you may be asked to enter personal information. The information will be used only for the purposes for which will be sought in accordance with the rules of confidentiality.

Providing information to third parties

Data for registration, which gives us each user when creating an account is stored only for the purposes for which they were granted. Account information, user names, email addresses and other non spreads will not be sold and not given to third parties. The same will be used for service tenders, requests and orders related to the operation of the site and our company.

HTTP cookies

This site may use the HTTP cookies to improve their services. These are small text files that help us improve the site content and statistics. Cookies do not cause harm to your computer. If you do not provide information through cookies, disable this option from your browser. If using this site you are asked to agree to the use of cookies, you must agree, or opt out of the use of our site.

Communication send

Any transfer of information is in accordance with the laws in the European Union, the United States and Britain to protect personal data.

Changes to the confidentiality of information

We reserve the right to change, update conditions of confidentiality of information at any time. If you are registered on this site, these changes can be communicated to you.