CBD Crystals

CBD crystallizes only at very high purity of the product. The isolation of CBD or CBD crystals represents over 99% pure cannabidiol. These products can be used for evaporation.

Our crystals are manufactured by PharmaHemp, a premium supplier of bulk CBD isolate (crystals).

More information about CBD isolates and crystals can be found in these articles: Informationon CBD Isolate This article; 

CBD crystals are a popular ingredient of liquids for electronic cigarettes E-liquid, as well as a number of nutritional supplements. Used as a harmless alternative to tobacco or as a method to stop smoking Scientific research.

PURE CBD CRYSTALS 99,6% |0,5g.|

PURE CBD CRYSTALS 99,6% |0,5g.|

PURE CBD CRYSTALS 99,6% (0,5g.) Pharmahemp™ PURE CBD CRYSTALS come in a plastic container...


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