About Us

The owner of a web site is company "Vip Dental" Ltd. - exclusive distributor for Bulgaria of a number of proven by its quality producers from all over the world. We are importers of products, materials, apparatuses and consumables for doctors, dentists, pharmacies and retail costomers.

Vip Dental Ltd. is the sole exclusive representative of the PharmaHemp - Slovenia CBD products.

We support natural products and innovative technologies by striving to provide the purest and most CBD-rich products. That is why we chose Pharma Hemp products. It is a family business involved with every part of the production process - from choosing the right soil for their crops to the most efficient methods of extracting the raw material. This enables us to provide our customers with a full service and reliable, high quality product, as evidenced by a number of independent studies on the composition and quality of their products.

When it comes to quality, compromises are not made. The process starts with a selection of European high quality certified seeds. PharmaHemp's extensive experience has made it possible to select the most suitable seeds to achieve the desired CBD at an optimum ratio with the rest of the cannabinoids in each of their products. The selected seeds are placed in carefully selected fertile soil. The main areas for hemp are located in Slovenia and Croatia. No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and heavy metals are used in the production of raw hemp. Harvesting only uses traditional methods.

Hemp is grown entirely by organic method.

The purity and quality of raw hemp is preserved by high-performance, yet soft CO 2 extraction.

All products are tested and controlled by a third independent organisation to bring you the safest, natural and pure CBD extracts.
PharmaHemp is pedantic in delivering optimal content of essential fat, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients at every step of the CBD preparation process.
In order to achieve these objectives, hemp shall be collected only in days appropriate for that purpose. The whole harvest is collected by hand. Each flower separates from the stem individually, allowing selection and selection of the first-class flowers. In order to preserve the hemp properties, it is allowed to dry naturally, always at temperatures below 35°C. Using a special method for this purpose, the dry material is pressed and subjected to extraction to obtain a high quality cannabinoid product.
The extraction procedure is critical to obtaining the highest quality oil with no residual solvents or toxins. This method employs an increased imposition and low temperatures in order to optimally extract and conserve the beneficial ingredients. A highly purified, powerful and natural extract of cannabinoids is obtained.
To meet its high quality standards, PharmaHemp collaborates with the most qualified and well-equipped analytical laboratories in the world that test and monitor each stage of their production. All end products are subject to continuous and rigorous quality control as well as stability checks for substances. This ensures consistency and continuous quality and transparency for all PharmaHemp products.

PharmaHemp is a reliable European manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality cannabis! All CBD products are laboratory tested for quality and purity.
With us you will find a wide range of CBD products of outstanding quality.

We are proud of our numerous clients throughout the country and we always strive to provide them with high quality products that meet their requirements, offer fast delivery all over Bulgaria and the best price.

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